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No such thing as a free lunch? Guess again.

We will pay you to let us pay your carriers!!!

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All the information you need to manage your cashflow is on hand instantly. Easily see which of your vendors has been paid on your behalf and when your next payment is due. 


Track Quickpay revenue earned and access account details, contact information, and invoice information for all vendors from the palm of your hand. 

With no sign-up fees or transaction costs, the platform is completely free.


No more cutting and mailing checks with manual accounting or talking to factoring companies. Upload the invoices you want paid, and we'll take care of the rest making sure money doesn't come out of your account until you want it to.


With gold standard cloud security, your information stays fully encrypted. 

Our platform works directly with your bank's software and conforms to the same security standards required by the Federal Reserve. 


Eliminate ACH, check, wire, and advance payment costs.


 See exactly how much money is due and eliminate payment inquiries with a dual-sided platform that works for you and your carriers.


It's free. No sign up fees, no annual charges, no per-transaction cost. 

Plus with our RevenuShare strategy, you'll earn back money on carriers who select Quickpay with no caps on earnings.



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1. Carriers submit invoices for the completed jobs to broker

2. Broker verifies invoices are ready to be paid and uploads them to the RevenuBuilder platform

3. Revenu emails Carrier with payment options: Revenu Builder QuickPay or regular payment terms

4. If carrier selects QuickPay, verification is sent to Broker that carrier has been paid

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Carriers Like It

Improve carrier relationships and attract new drivers with a flexible dual sided platform that works for everyone.


Carriers can manage their payments from their phones right from their cabs and take advantage of flat-rate, low cost next-day payment.

Brokers Love It

Automating payables with RevenuBuilder frees up your team to build your brand and focus on your business. With no charges of any kind to brokers, we'll even pay you a percentage of the fees collected from Quickpay.


Automating with Revenu saves time and increase your credibility in the industry.


451 Florida St. Baton Rouge, LA 70801 Suite 736

Office:  (225) 367-4930

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