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Our team of software designers have done for the transportation industry what Paypal and Venmo did for personal financing. Why should drivers have to wait to receive payment for their work? And why should brokers feel compelled to pay earlier than their invoice terms and have to deal with factoring companies? We don't think either of them should.  

The Process

When a broker approves an invoice and it is sent to their payables department, a worker simply uploads the invoice details into the RevenuBuilder platform and an email is automatically sent to the carrier. The carrier will have the option to get paid immediately at a discount or wait the full term of the invoice. If the carrier chooses Quickpay, we fund the invoice for them and don't take anything out of the broker's account until the original term date. All invoice information provided by the broker is stored securely in our database and provides easy accounting and management exports to track your payables.

There's really no catch. 

Here's the fun part. It's totally free. Eliminate ACH, check, wire, and advance payment costs while boosting working capital. See exactly how much money is due and eliminate payment inquiries with a dual-sided platform that works for you and your carriers.

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